Scholarship Program

Each year, the VCDSA will award up to seven (7) $1,500 college scholarships to outstanding students who are children of the VCDSA members. The total number of scholarships to be awarded is determined annually by the Board during the VCDSA Budget process. No student may receive a VCDSA scholarship more than once. One or more scholarships may be awarded to college students.

Only dependent children of active members of the VCDSA in good standing, or of retired members of VCDSA in good standing with ten (10) consecutive years of active membership in the VCDSA immediately prior to retirement, or of medically retired members of the VCDSA in good standing with five (5) consecutive years of active membership in the VCDSA immediately prior to retirement, or of survivors of active or retired members in good standing as described above, are eligible.

Each applicant student must be a high school senior or fulltime college student with a grade point average of at least 2.5 at the time of application and be enrolled and/or accepted at an accredited college of university.

scholarship program

Interested students must complete a scholarship application and submit it with their current school transcript for review by the VCDSA Scholarship Committee.

The Scholarship Committee will conduct a “blind review” of all applications (applicants names and all identifying information will be stricken) and utilize general selection criteria based upon academic standing and performance, participation in school, athletic and outside activities, community service, overcoming of personal obstacles, and quality of application essay.

Following its review of the applications, the Scholarship Committee will recommend the winners to the Board of Directors no later than the first regularly scheduled board meeting in May. The Scholarship Committee will notify all applicants of the results of the competition. The recipients and their families will be invited to attend a Board of Directors meeting to receive their awards. Scholarship checks will be made payable to the college or university the applicant attends, not to the individual student(s).